Long has the tide of time flown, where the pioneers of BMA held up the flag with dignity. It is time that the flag be passed on to the future generation where they not only be passed on the responsibility but also given the guidance. Our association will act as an epicenter for the family of BMA where some will reminiscence the glory and others will be paved the path to dignity.

    Our mission is to strengthen the bonding and cooperation among the alumni. Idea sharing, network buildup & evolving as a family will be an integral part of the association. In addition,

    -initiate a platform that will cater as idea shop for innovate alumni and a path of network building as well as enhancing capability. Endow with pecuniary and other assistance to the cadets of the Academy.

    • assist any alumni monetarily at times of their hardship, medical requirements etc. To promote marine special technology and standards.
      support the creation and maintenance of common data base which will be accessed, used and maintained by the date administration.
    • initiate, encourage and facilitate research for developing the professional standards of alumni.
      -provide inter disciplinary opportunities for co operation and collaboration among members of the different disciplines.
    • arrange scientific and technical based seminars, symposium, and national/international conferences.
    • publish journal, distribute books and periodicals and disseminate information related to maritime profession.
    • support the development of a maritime professional workforce in Bangladesh.
    • The alumni shall create multiple avenues for academic discourse, seminars and workshops for maritime professionals and research scholars through institutional access, including launching of a special archive and website.
    • conduct research and undertake publication works and promote the objectives and contributions of the alumni through holding of presentations, seminars, and workshops.
    • establish comprehensive archive of maps, data image and documents, these will be used for documentation of information regarding maritime professionalism.
    • raise charity programs, lawful subscriptions and /or other material help or assistance to any person or persons, organizations or associations engaged in similar activities for furthering the objectives of the alumni program.