Bangladesh Mariners gathering in Toronto, Canada started off humbly by a dinner at the house of Ashfaqul Haq (14E) at 87 Lowinger Ave, Ancaster, Ontario in the evening of 14 July, 2017. It was informal and well attended.

    There were very short speeches. Fazlu Bhai reminded us about the history of the Marine Academy. Excerpts of his speech are indicated below: I want to narrate to you how the opening ceremony of the marine academy happened in 1962. Nowadays, when something opens, the Prime Minister or a Minister or some dignified officer or all of them are lined up to receive loud accolades from the audience. The opening speeches of the Marine academy were simple and short. An Imam started the occasion with a verse from the holy Koran followed by an English translation which read as follows: “God has created the sea for us to explore…..” He said; “Now the Commandant will declare the opening of the academy. The Commandant came to the podium and declared: “I Mohammed Asif Alavi, in the name of Allah, the Most merciful, do declare the Pakistan Marine Academy open. Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless us all. Will you please raise your hands with the Imam for a prayer.” Fazlu Bhai who was in that opening ceremony said; ”We are here today as an outcome of this Marine Academy.”

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